How to convert your business during the pandemic

By working within the travel industry, I do know how badly many companies have been affected by the pandemic. I actually spend most of my day to listen to entrepreneurs repeating this is not the right time to invest in their business.
While I try to understand both suppliers and clients’ concerns, I noticed how many others out there are succeeding by taking the darkest hour as a new beginning and pivoting their static business into an online opportunity.

There isn’t a perfect time to start getting things done and move forward. It’d be great if we could only stay still, quiet and silent until the pandemic is gone. But that’d not be realistic. In the meantime, many others, that think otherwise, are taking this as a chance to overcome these unexpected times and go to the next level leaving the ones, waiting for this to go away, behind.

While I’m thinking of the way I could really help people in the travel industry, it caught my attention an article, from an Italian newspaper, about a story of business success. A beautician has earned 13 million of Euro – yes, you’ve read this right – out of this pandemic thanks to her online consultations and E-commerce. That’s a lot! 💰 Especially for a ‘small’ Italian business. But still, no employees got laid off or been furloughed. Their roles have just been converted into something else and more than ever, advertised online, obviously.

How come, you might think, with a bit of excitement and jealousy at the same time. How can this turn out to be a successful online business? Simply going online and welcoming new needs, and necessities.

That was just an example among the others, but I can tell something else you might have noticed too.
Have you seen how many Instagram accounts have popped up and grown in popularity during this lockdown? Did you also join by accident, perhaps, a live video with someone telling you which colours better match with your skin and feel completely fascinated by how a simple idea/talent/skill/passion could engage and be relevant to someone else? 

Now, let’s try to adapt this to your business, and answer the question of how to convert your business into an online business?
If an expert beautician could simply video call you, have a virtual look at your skin and advise on which cream you should buy to achieve your beauty goals, then I’m sure you can do the same – in your field.

If you own a restaurant, have you considered to share your cooking skills by offering online cooking lessons? This is just the first example it comes to my mind. You might think you are not that popular on social media, but your restaurant, I’m sure it is. I’m pretty confident you’ve got a well-reviewed page on Tripadvisor, as well, and your fine cooking would have certainly gained popularity among clients throughout the years. So, it shouldn’t be so hard for you, as owner or cooker, be trusted and followed.

Still too hard for you? Have you considered doing and sharing something for free?
Let me first start saying I’m not crazy. I know we all seek for immediate profits somehow but also kindness may be handy when it comes to doing business.
And you know what, kindness pays you off. On social media, too.
By engaging people and offer them something – you’re good at and relevant to them – for free till the point they will be your clients. Getting some profits in a few weeks, it’s better than not getting profits at all, isn’t it? 
If the product is not your main source of income, people always are, especially online. They generate traffic, by visiting your website, interacting with you and getting to know your business and eventually being your clients. This may sound too simplistic, but some marketing notions prove me right.

You are still not sure this may work for you and looking for further motivation? Have a look at successful ideas many companies are putting in place to make the most out of this pandemic:

✈️from 🏡 challenge

🥧 lessons from Michelin-⭐️ 👩🏻‍🍳

✏️👩🏾‍💻 for virtual meetings

Free 🛀🏻🏡 Tour

Virtual 🎡

and I could continue, but I’d rather not. I hope I could help some of you to get the most out of your business! Stay well! 🙏 

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